A Slamm’in Good Time

Coaching Philosophy


By: Tom Larsen - Coaching Philosophy

Our motto "PLAY LIKE A CHAMPION" for the volleyball coaching staff at NDA is not only about the way we approach the opportunity to work with the student athlete in preparing for competition, but is also a description of the way we, as coaches, and our teams want to be preceived off the court as well.  We will compete very hard with the expectation to win, but we will be gracious when we do not.

Too often, in today's competitive environment, we can get too caught up in competitive moments and lose sight of the athletes incremental improvements day to day.  We as a coaching staff work to push our players to reach their peak, and recognize each players successes every day.  They will be pushed to be mentally and physically strong, to grow both individually and as a team through the season.  Their preparation, hard work and dedication will lead to our success, and they will each be a champion.